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Nuvita Silicone Freezer Jumbo Ice Cube Tray Mold

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DURABLE TOP QUALITY Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, made of 100% durable food-grade silicone
PRACTICAL Jumbo size ice cubes, slows melting
SIZE Create 6 jumbo 2-inch super slow melting ice cubes. Tray measures 8.25 x 4.50 x 2 inches.
VERSATILE Multiple uses in the kitchen - perfect size for freezing and storing one-serving portions of leftover juice, wine, sauce, baby food or creating frozen treats. Chill Whiskey, cocktail, vodka, mescal drinks perfectly, with less dilution.
EASY to use, just fill it with water, soda, juice, fruits, herbs or other food melts, and put it into freezer

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NuVita Silicone Freezer Jumbo Ice Cube Tray Molds are the latest trend in high-end cocktail bars because of their slower melt rate (less surface area) and unique look. With this NuVita Silicone trays you can make ice, freeze broth, juices, stock, baby food, Freeze and Store Homemade Baby Food, Freezing a bit of wine that you have left in the bottle for a future food recipe, Make Homemade Soaps and even Homemade Candles. Some People Freeze Coffee and/or Chocolate and stick it in their morning iced coffee so you don't water it down, make JELLO SHOTS, use it for Freezing Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows on top of them. Also, something you would have never thought of is to Freeze Water with some lavender or other essential oils. Then you put a cube of this water and oil in your shower and you have a Soothing Hot Shower. The NuVita Cube Ice Tray measures 4.35 x 6.2 5x 2 inches and can find room in any freezer. Makes a 2" Cube. The non-slip design will sit securely without spilling a drop. Trays can stack or sit alone. Ice is removed easily from the tray. Each cube is clean and ready for use. Great for restaurants, bars, and homes. NuVita Ice Cubes melt slow and keep your drinks chilled longer. Fruits or herbs can be added into your cubes to add a little flare to your cocktail. These Cubes are sure to add delight to any beverage. For best results, do not store ice tray in freezer, once the cubes are made, remove cubes from tray and put them in an airtight container preventing freezer odor. The silicone releases clean and easy BPA Free Food-Grade Silicone that's also Dishwasher Safe

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